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Metrological Launches TV App Tools

Metrological has introduced a set of TV app store management tools that enables pay TV operators to customize app store lineups based on live events and household viewing habits as well as integrate app billing and transactions.

The new elements are now part of Metrological’s Dashboard product, part of the Metrological Application Platform, which provides full lifecycle support for operator branded TV app stores. The Dashboard provides insights on TV app store operations, including key performance indicators such as top performing apps, average viewing times, number of app views and number of transactions.

Among the new capabilities, the Dashboard provides automated app scheduling, allowing operators to personalize the scheduling of content based on time of day. For example, daytime programming can highlight children’s apps and evening hours can highlight news app content.

“Operators can now personalize app experiences to reflect consumer viewing habits and local content, which is an important tool in strengthening the customer relationship,” said Jeroen Ghijsen, co-founder and CEO of Metrological, in a statement. “Using our intuitive platform, operators can tailor app store content to viewers based on a number of filters, such as audience segments, live events, red button apps and time of day to automatically change the apps being offered in each market or household.”

Metrological will show its new wares at IBC, set for September 11-15 in Amsterdam.

Of recent note, RDK Management LLC, the RDK joint venture, and Metrological introduced the RDK App Emulator in April. Metrological combined its application framework with the RDK to create the app emulator, which enables developers to prototype, create and test RDK apps remotely on a laptop without the need for a physical RDK device or set-top box. In June, Metrological said it had certified mor ethan 250 apps for the RDK, a preintegrated software stack for IP-only and hybrid video devices and broadband gateways is being managed by Comcast, Liberty Global and Time Warner Cable.