Mediamorph Orchestrates VOD Deals

Mediamorph, a provider of cloud-based rights management systems for programmers and video distributors, said it has won a string of deals for a new VOD orchestration system that can help partners drive more dollars out of the content assets they create or have under license.

Those wins include Liberty Global, Frontier Communications and Altibox.

Mediamorph, which just turned 10 and also works with major studios and select OTT players, said its orchestration system is helping operators bridge the gap between their legacy and next-gen platforms.

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VOD has become “table stakes” for service providers, but managing that content across new platforms has made everything more complicated as they try to track all of the rights, restrictions and pricing models and availability windows that are being woven into the fabric of the on-demand model, Rob Gardos, Mediamorph’s CEO, said.

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“It’s not slowing down,” he said. “It’s creating a massive amount of complexity.”

It has become a significant challenge, Gardos added, as operators strive to support legacy systems as they roll out new ones while also maintaining firm control of the rights that govern the content they are distributing.

Mediamorph is answering that call with an orchestration system that serves as the glue that can keep both sides together while also adding in automation that removes time-consuming manual processes.

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“As the largest international cable company, it is important to ensure we are maximizing the value of our content across our entire customer base,” Bob Greene, Liberty Global’s managing director of online entertainment and Mediamorph board member, said in a statement. “Mediamorph’s best-of-breed solutions are an essential component in making that happen, and their new orchestration technologies are quickly having an impact.”