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‘Mad Men’ Finale Spots On Sale As Part of $1M+ Package

AMC is making a seven-figure pitch to advertisers who want to be part of the final episode of Mad Men next year.

The network has assembled a package of one of the 20 or so 30-second spots in the Mad Men finale, the most upscale show on TV, plus a spot in Walking Dead, the highest-rated series among adults 18 to 49, that it’s calling Brawn and Brains. The price tag is north of $1 million.

AMC decided not to sell the last episode of Mad Men, which is expected to air next spring, during the upfront, when the rest of the final season was sold. Since then a few dozen advertisers have asked the network to let them know when those spots go on sale. The network began notifying those advertisers late this week about the offer and expects replies by late next week.

Last year in scatter, AMC sold spots in the last episode of Breaking Bad for $300,000 to $400,000 per 30-seconds in scatter.

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