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Locast Seeks 'Big Game' Hunters

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In an email release sent today, TV station streaming platform Locast is telling consumers to "stream the big game" for free in 17 cities."

While Locast has been pitched as an over-the-top option for watching TV stations during retrans blackouts, the service had not previously promoted access to the Super Bowl as a value-add. Instead, it said whether consumers are fans that had cut the cord, or were simply looking for a way to watch the big game outside the home, the Locast app is "an affordable alternative to rising cable and satellite TV prices."

Locast, which was launched by the Sports Fans Coalition NY a year ago and now claims over a million sign-ups, relies on a copyright law carveout to offer the channels without having to ask permission from or negotiating with local TV stations for carriage. However, it is in a legal battle with the networks over whether it qualifies for that exemption from negotiation.

Locast is also available on Dish Hopper/Wally receivers, some DirecTV receivers, TiVo, AT&T’s U-Verse, and via streaming platforms including Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.