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‘Legends of the Wild’ Starts on Discovery April 1

New series Legends of the Wild begins on Discovery April 1. Wilderness experts Damian Duffy and Matt Hoffmann aim to document, discover and solve the most extraordinary mysteries of the natural world on the show. Duffy is a former Australian army paratrooper and a wilderness guide, and Hoffmann a wildlife photographer and storm chaser.

“Across the planet, there are startling reports about strange animal attacks against humans, new apex predators changing the natural order, and sightings of mysterious creatures that nobody can explain,” said Discovery.

In the premiere, the pair heads to Brazil to investigate why ranchers are turning up dead, gored by an unknown creature.

Legends of the Wild is produced for Discovery by Hit + Run. For Hit + Run, Rob Shaftel, Noah Korn and Myles Reiff executive produce. For Discovery Channel, John Slaughter is executive producer.