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KOFY-TV to Carry Me-TV in San Francisco

KOFY-TV in San Francisco has signed an affiliation agreement with digital channel Me-TV, the companies announced.

Me-TV, which shows classic TV shows, will soon launch on the Granite Broadcasting station's digital channel 20.2. Discussions are underway to return Me-TV to cable systems in the market. The service had been on KFTY, which was sold by Newport Television to a Hispanic broadcaster.

"KOFY's commitment to classic programming is further solidified by bringing this outstanding network to the Bay Area. We have been inundated over the past few weeks by requests from viewers asking us for Me-TV, so I'm pleased to say that we've now delivered on those requests. KOFY-TV and Me-TV are a great fit," said Craig Coane, president and general manager, KOFY-TV, in a statement.   

Carriage on KOFY will bring Me-TV's clearance to 62% of the U.S.

"When Newport Television recently sold KFTY to a Hispanic broadcaster, Me-TV received almost 3,000 email requests from viewers wanting to know where Me-TV's new home in the Bay Area would be," Neal Sabin, president of content and networks for Me-TV owner, Weigel Broadcsting, said. "We are happy to announce to them and the hundreds of viewers who inundated cable companies, Facebook pages and other media outlets that our partner will be Granite Broadcasting Corporation's KOFY-TV."