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Kimmel: Up Front With Ad Jabs

Jimmy Kimmel has been needling the ad world at upfronts since 2007 and has outlasted several ABC entertainment presidents. Maybe Channing Dungey, who replaced Paul Lee, will decide Kimmel doesn’t bring good luck. But until she does, everyone should enjoy the late-night host’s performance May 17 at New York’s Lincoln Center. And remember these gems from upfronts past:

2015: “Without Shonda [Rhimes], you’d be back at Hogwarts with the other Muggles,” Kimmel said to Paul Lee, then ABC’s entertainment president.

2015: “We have two hashtags at ABC: TGIT and OFITROTW—Oh F---, It’s the Rest of the Week.”

2014: “Don’t get attached to any of these shows—it’s like adopting a kitten with cancer. Too much? You’re gonna hate our new show, Kittens With Cancer.”

2013: “It’s true, every year our audience does get smaller. To which I say every year Apple products get smaller, and nobody has a problem with that.”

2011: “Remember those shows that we were so excited about last fall? We canceled all of them. And yet here you are again. I think you might have a gambling problem.”