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INSP Greenlights Two New Seasons of 'Wild West Chronicles'

INSP's 'Wild West Chronicles'

(Image credit: INSP)

INSP has green-lit two additional seasons of its original docudrama series Wild West Chronicles, the network said.

The series, which follows a newspaper reporter who travels the frontier during the late 1800s to uncover the truth behind the wildest tales of the West, is the network’s most-watched originally produced show, with more than 7 million cumulative viewers tuning into the first season through July 14, said Nielsen. Production on the second and third seasons of the series will begin later this year, according to the network. 

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“We knew early on that we had something special in Wild West Chronicles, and viewers have confirmed it,” said INSP senior VP of programming Doug Butts in a statement. “Each week, audiences came back to hear about the people and the true tales of the American West. Some names are familiar, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Wild Bill Hickok, and Annie Oakley. But our viewers also loved hearing the true stories of other, unsung trailblazers as well, including Bass Reeves, Doc Susie, Elfego Baca and more.”