Fuse Takes Aim at Voter Apathy

Fuse Monday kicked off its "Electile Dysfunction 2004" campaign to conquer voter apathy and give young voters a forum to voice their issues for the 2004 election.

From the start of the Democratic National Convention and through Election Day, Fuse will air PSAs and programming that stars such musicians as Black Eyed Peas, Chingy and Jadakiss, calls on its 12- to 34-year-old viewers to respond to daily online polls and surveys, and encourages them to vote.

Fuse VJs will bring viewer issues to politicians and delegates in special reports from both National Conventions and will be featured on the network’s flagship live daily telecast, Daily Download.

During the Republican National Convention, Fuse will air expanded two-hour live coverage from its street-front New York City studio directly across from the convention site at Madison Square Garden.

Fuse has also teamed up with documentary filmmaker David Burrows (America Speaks Out) to co-produce behind-the-scenes coverage at both political conventions.