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Freeze Frame: Cable TV Pioneers Induct 2021 Class in Atlanta

The Cable TV Pioneers inducted their 2021 class at a gala in-person event in Atlanta, with the induction returning to in-person status after a virtual gathering a year ago. Click below to view a gallery of photos from the evening.  

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Dave Fellows, John Roos, Tom Umstead and Pat Kehoe

At the Oct. 11 Cable TV Pioneers induction in Atlanta (l. to r.): Dave Fellows; 2021 honorees John Roos and Tom Umstead; and Pat Kehoe. (Image credit: Titus Kana)
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Phil McKinney, Mark Dzuban and Phil Broadhurst

Phil McKinney of CableLabs, Mark Dzuban of SCTE and Paul Broadhurst of Technetix, (Image credit: Titus Kana)
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Tracy Baumgartner, Jeff Baumgartner, Mel Penna, Elizabeth Wiley Wasserman and Kyle McSlarrow

(From l.): Tracy Baumgartner, Jeff Baumgartner, Melanie Penna, Elizabeth Wiley Wasserman, and Kyle McSlarrow. (Image credit: Titus Kana)
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Yvette Kanouff, Dave Fellows

Pioneers Yvette Kanouff and Dave Fellows mask up for the ceremony. (Image credit: Titus Kana)
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Wonya Lucas, Gemma Toner, Char Beales and Kristin Dolan

(From l.): Wonya Lucas, Gemma Toner, Char Beales and Kristin Dolan. (Image credit: Titus Kana)
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Rex Porter, Jim McCauley and Beth McCauley

Rex Porter (l.) with Jim and Beth McCauley. (Image credit: Titus Kana)
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R. Thomas Umstead and family

R. Thomas Umstead, a 2021 Pioneer and senior content producer for B+C and Multichannel News, with family at the Atlanta induction. (Image credit: Titus Kana)
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Michael Adams

Michael Adams of Broadband Semantics, a 2021 class member. (Image credit: Titus Kana)
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Dale Elifrits and David Fellows

New Pioneer Dale Elifrits and Dave Fellows on stage at the induction. (Image credit: Titus Kana)
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Diego Martin Gastaldi and family

Pioneer inductee Diego Martin Gastaldi of Vmware and family. (Image credit: Titus Kana)