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ESPN Radio Spawns Podcasts

ESPN Radio plans to offer subscription-based podcasts of commercial-free versions of its content starting Oct. 3. The podcasts will be available to stream or download from starting Oct. 3.

ESPN Radio Insider will feature the radio network's programs within 10 minutes of a show's conclusion. The on-demand service also allows ESPN Insider subscribers to download or stream an exclusive podcast - Best of ESPN Radio – that highlights approximately 30 minutes of each day’s best ESPN Radio moments.

The service (which costs $6.95 a month or $39.95 per year) will be updated daily, with all ESPN Radio offerings archived for 30 days, and athlete and celebrity interviews available for three months.

In a statement, ESPN Radio GM Bruce Gilbert said, “ESPN Radio Insider gives our listeners new opportunities to consume and interact with our programming, and enables sports fans to custom-tailor our programming to better fit their own schedules and interests.”