EarthLink Snares Milpitas Wi-Fi Deal

EarthLink Inc. added another community to its growing municipal Wi-Fi empire, announcing that it landed a contract to build a network for Milpitas, Calif.

The 6.5-square-mile Wi-Fi mesh network will supply connections to municipal employees in the Silicon Valley city of 62,000 residents. The EarthLink network will also offer residential high-speed-Internet service and, under its contract, will allow multiple competing providers to offer services using the network.

Milpitas is the third city to tap EarthLink to supply a municipal Wi-Fi network, along with Anaheim, Calif., and Philadelphia. Pricing for the residential service hasn’t been set, but it likely will be offered in the $20-per-month range, according to EarthLink spokesman Jerry Grasso.

For Milpitas, the network will offer not only a connection but an important economic benefit, according to city manager Jose Esteves.

"This municipal wireless network enhances the potential and desirability of Milpitas as a center for business, education and technology in Silicon Valley," he said.