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Disney Plus’ Season Two Debut of 'The Mandalorian’ Watched by 1.04 Million Households

(Image credit: Disney)

The season-two premiere of The Mandalorian was watched by 1.04 million households on Friday Oct. 30, its first day on Disney Plus, according to Samba TV, a company that measures smart TV usage.

The viewership represents a 73% uptick over the first season debut of the Star Wars franchise spinoff, which premiered on Nov. 12, 2019 with the launch of Disney Plus. 

Of course, Disney Plus—which reported 60 million subscribers worldwide at the end of the second quarter—has a much bigger audience than it did on launch day.

And entering its second season with one of its key characters, The Child, having gone zeitgeist, with Baby Yoda dolls lining the toy departments of major retailers this Christmas, The Mandalorian is in a different place, too.