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Digital Ad Views In Long-Form Video Up 86%: FreeWheel Report

People viewing TV online are watching more commercials, which in turn is making more content available, according to a new report.

The fourth-quarter "Video Monetization Report" from FreeWheel, which provides distributors and programmers with technology to manage and monetize content, also found that TV Everywhere is spreading, with the amount of live and long-form content being watched on an authenticated basis increasing rapidly.

Ad views in long-form content were up 86% in the fourth quarter compared to a year ago, according to FreeWheel. And the completion rates for 30 second spots and 15 second spots are above 90%. Both figures suggest that the old notion that online users won't tolerate commercials was false, and that the traditional TV business model holds up on digital devices even as the number of commercials per break rises. There were 3.2 ads per break in the fourth quarter compared to 2.8 ads a year ago.

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