Cracked Opens App for Apple TV

Cracked, the Scripps-owned media satire offering focused on millennial audiences, said it has launched an app for Apple TV devices.

The app features fresh videos each day and serves as an online home for series such as After Hours, Honest Ads and We’re Not Alone.

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Cracked, which says it has more than 1.4 million subs on its YouTube channel, has also built streaming apps for other platforms, including Roku devices, and is featured on two ad-supported OTT aggregation services --  Pluto TV and Xumo.

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“Our loyal and tech-savvy fans are already on the Apple TV platform, and as we expand our OTT footprint, we believe it is important to convert new audiences to our brand,” Mandy Ng Rusin, vice president and general manager of Cracked, said in a statement. “Millennials love having the freedom to choose their programming and now they can enjoy all of our smart and funny content on the big screen for an even more powerful experience.”

“We are leveraging the strong relationships we have created between Newsy and big OTT service providers to build Cracked as a successful OTT brand as well,” added Adam Symson, Scripps chief operating officer. “Newsy appears on 16 OTT platforms, and its reach and traction have helped us create meaningful partnerships with OTT providers looking for more great content that’s appealing to an OTT audience.”