Cox Taps Cisco for IP Support

Cox Communications Inc. is calling up Cisco Systems Inc. to provide its “Internet Protocol Contact Center” system for customer care.

In using Cisco's standards-based IP software, Cox is hoping to streamline management of its 19 contact centers and cut operational costs.

Under the current setup, Cox’s 5,000 customer-service agents provide voice, video and data sales support using a traditional time-division multiplexing system. That requires each call center to have its own call-distribution and interactive-voice-response systems to handle the calls.

Cox will be replacing that with Cisco’s standards-based IP system, allowing it to manage and monitor call routing for all 19 centers from one location.

The cable operator already uses Cisco IP switches, routers and telephony systems, so adding the customer-care element is “a logical fit" said Joel McGinley, Cox’s executive director of contact-center applications.

"We're excited about the new capabilities such as data and application integration into the call path, the potential to manage multiple centers in a flexible environment and better reporting and analysis," he added.