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Cox Quietly Debuts Xfinity Flex-based Streaming Player

Cox Communications, which licenses CPE technology from Comcast, has quietly debuted its own streaming player based on the No. 1 operator’s Xfinity Flex blueprint.

According to a Cox rep, Contour Stream has been available to broadband-only customers for $5 a month since May. Light Reading was the first to report on this Cox product. Privately owned Cox has set up a page for the product here.

Contour Stream

Contour Stream

Just as Contour follows the licensed blueprint for Comcast’s X1 video platform, Countour Stream is based on Xfinity Flex, which deploys a Comcast Xi6 client and XB6 DOCSIS 3.1 gateway.

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Contour Stream supports Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Tubi and ESPN3 apps, among others. It also uses Contour voice control navigation, just as Flex uses the X1 Voice Remote.

Notably, on Wednesday, Comcast announced that it would stop charging its broadband-only customers $5 a month and start giving Flex to them for free.

Also notable, Canadian operators Rogers Communications, Shaw Communications and Videotron also license X1. Expect a Flex offering from these operators soon.