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Comcast’s Xfinity Stream App Deployed to Amazon Fire TV

Comcast Xfinity Stream on Amazon Fire TV
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon on Thursday announced that Comcast’s Xfinity Stream app is now supported by Amazon Fire TV devices, as well as Fire TV Edition smart TVs. 

The Xfinity Stream app lets Comcast Cable TV subscribers access all of the live, on demand and DVR programming that’s part of their Xfinity TV subscription. The app includes personalized recommendations alongside curated collections of movies and shows to help subscribers figure out what to watch.

The Xfinity Stream has been available for Roku since it launched way back in February 2017. It has since gained support from the native operating systems of Samsung and LG smart TVs, but little other compatibility was available otherwise. 

One key difference for Comcast customers using Xfinity Stream through Fire TV--voice-wise, they interact with Alexa, not the Comcast X1 Voice Remote.

Amazon last week said that its Fire TV platform now has 50 million monthly active users

“With the availability of the Xfinity app, we continue to broaden the utility and reach of Fire TV for our customers, said Matt Clark, Amazon entertainment devices and services director of business development, in a statement.