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Comcast’s Xfinity Flex Adds MLB.TV

Kiki Hernandez may have taken his talents to Boston during free agency, but he's still pumped that MLB.TV is now supported by Xfinity Flex (Image credit: Major League Baseball)

Comcast has announced support for Major League Baseball subscription OTT platform MLB.TV on its Xfinity Flex app.

The support comes as the league preps its April 1 Opening Day. The app lets MLB fans stream out-of market games, both live and on-demand, and enjoy trinkets like spring training games. It’s priced at $129.99 a season or $24.99 monthly. There’s also a $109.99 option to follow just one team’s out-of-market games for a full season. 

MLB.TV has support for most significant platforms, but the addition of Flex fills a hole in the ol’ infield. 

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As for Xfinity Flex, Comcast offers the device platform free to its broadband-only customers. It recently touted its 3 millionth Flex deployment, and it’s seriously mulling the prospect of distributing the platform out of footprint to compete with Roku, Amazon and Google. 

The 4K-capable Flex shares many of the same features as Comcast’s flagship Xfinity X1 video system, including voice control. So yes, users can say “MLB app” in their voice controller, and the app will surface.