Comcast, CBS Team to Bring Fantasy Football to X1

Ahead of the NFL’s regular season kickoff tonight, Comcast and CBS Sports Digital announced a partnership that brings a fantasy football experience to Comcast X1 boxes.

The integration will let Comcast X1 subs access their CBS Sports Fantasy Football league via the TV screen and pull up elements such as league standings, weekly matchups, and real-time stats during live NFL games.

Customers can launch the experience via the X1 sports app or by saying, “Show me my fantasy football team” or “my fantasy football team” into the X1 voice remote.

When opened on X1, the CBS Sports Fantasy Football experience will appear on the right-hand side of the TV and resize the live video.

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The integration follows other OTT-facing apps and services that have been integrated with X1, including YouTube (in trial) and Netflix.

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“This new integration between Comcast and CBS Sports Digital is nirvana for fantasy football fans,”  Preston Smalley, VP of product management for apps, sports and content at Comcast Cable, said in a statement. “Until now, the millions of people in the U.S. who play fantasy sports would track their team’s progress on a separate device splitting their attention from the live play on TV.  By putting everything on the same screen, we’ve created an experience that’s immersive, informative and complete.”

“We’re excited to offer our fantasy players this enhanced experience on Xfinity X1,” added Jeffrey Gerttula, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CBS Sports Digital. “The integration plays right into our focus on offering custom leagues and features for serious fantasy players, who can now seamlessly track their teams while watching games on the same screen.”