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Cartoon Works With Comcast on Voice Remote

Cartoon Network is working with Comcast to create special messages that fans of Teen Titans Go! can hear using the cable operator's X1 voice remote.

Comcast has been rolling out its new voice-powered remote that searches content and performs other functions via voice commands. Because rhe device could iinfluence what viewers wind up watching, some programmers are looking for ways to take advantage of it.

Working with Comcast, Cartoon has set things up so that when a viewer says, “Teen Titans Go!” “Boy Wonder!” “Pretty, Pretty Pegasus,” “Starfire and Silkie,” “Hello, Beastboy,” “Booyah, Buddy,” “Hello, Raven,” “Hello, Cyborg,” “Hello, Robin,” the remote plays back responses unique to the characters.

The voice commands went live Thursday (Oct. 22).