Canoe Pumps Out 4.84B Ad Impressions in Q2

Canoe, the MSO-backed advanced advertising joint venture, said it delivered 4.84 billion VOD ad impressions in Q2 2016, up from 4.13 billion in Q1.

Canoe noted that it has delivered 9 billion ad impression year-to-date, putting it on pace for 18 billion for all of 2016. Canoe delivered 11.8 billion VOD ad impressions in 2015, and 6.3 billion in 2014.

In Q2, Canoe delivered 4.17 mid-roll ad impressions, versus 569.28 million pre-rolls, and 100.32 million post-roll ads. Canoe also supported 2,166 ad campaigns in the period, with 78% coming way of external clients, and the balance from network tune-in ads.

Canoe’s footprint today covers about 35 million homes and 130 plus DMAs through deployments by Comcast, Cox Communications and Charter Communications (via Charter’s recently purchased Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks systems).

The TWC and BHN acquisitions put Charter back on board with Canoe. Charter, along with Cablevision Systems, were original members of the Canoe J.V., but dropped out several years ago.

It was not immediately known if Charter intends to extend support for Canoe in the legacy Charter systems. We will update the story as more details are known.

Update: Chris Pizzurro, head of business development, sales and marketing at Canoe, confirmed via email that Charter has committed to rollout Canoe's platform in its legacy systems, through the timing of deployment is still to be determined.