Canoe Floats 4.13B Ad Impressions in Q1

Canoe, the MSO-backed supplier of a dynamic ad insertion platform for VOD, said it delivered about 4.13 billion ad impressions in Q1 2016, a 70% increase over the year-ago period.

Based on Q1 figures, Canoe is on pace to deliver 16.52 billion VOD ad impression in 2016. The advanced ad joint venture delivered 11.8 billion impressions in 2015, and 6.3 billion ad impressions in 2014.

Canoe also pumped out 1,751 total campaigns in Q1 2016, of which 75% were for external client ad campaigns, and 25% were for network tune-in ads.

Canoe’s platform currently supports about 35 million homes via systems served by partners Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Bright House Networks. Two in that group, TWC and Bright House, are in the process of being acquired by Charter Communications, a former member of the Canoe crew.  Canoe also works with more than 80 national networks, including ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, Discovery, HGTV and TNT, among others.

Per Canoe’s latest report, the bulk of the VOD ad impressions were for mid-roll spots (3.55 million), versus 465 million pre-roll spots, and 115.9 million post-roll spots. The average ad opportunities per break boiled down to one for pre-rolls, four for mid-rolls and one for post-rolls.  

Ad impressions for the quarter were spread fairly evenly by day of the week, though were unsurprisingly the heaviest on the weekends.

 “Cable Video on Demand continues to be an incredibly valuable advertising vehicle for programmers, cable operators, and brands” Canoe CEO Joel Hassell said in a statement. “We are well on our way to doubling the number of dynamic ads impressions delivered through Canoe for the fourth consecutive year and we couldn’t be happier with positive results reported by our programming customers.”