Buckeye Broadband Broadens Relationship with Espial

Espial said Buckeye Broadband, an operator that serves parts of northwest and Ohio and southeast Michigan, has inked a deal to license Espial’s “Elevate” software-as-a service video platform.

The move will enable Buckeye Broadband to provide integrated access to OTT services such as Netflix and YouTube, as well as new voice-based navigation features.

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The agreement expands on the video relationship between Buckeye Broadband and Espial. Part of that stems from Buckeye’s deployment of a multi-room DVR centered on Arris’s Whole Home Solution offering. Espial acquired Arris's Whole Home Solution business in 2016.

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“Elevate enhances the experience of our video customers, while giving us flexibility in how we deliver those experiences in the future,” Jeff Abbas, president and GM of Buckeye Broadband, aid in a statement. “The continuous innovation being driven on Elevate helps us increase customer engagement and satisfaction while mindfully controlling our expenses.”

The agreement was announced amid this week’s NCTC Winter Educational Conference in San Antonio.

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Espial struck a similar deal last fall with MCTV for services supporting live TV, whole home DVR and OTT apps.

Buckeye Broadband also markets a TiVo-based offering under the “Express TV” brand.