Buckeye Bucks Up Multiroom DVR With Arris Gateway Launch

Ohio's Buckeye Cable System -- after passing on offerings from Cisco Systems and Motorola Solutions -- will begin rolling out Arris's Whole Home Solution within the next month to subscribers to provide multiroom DVR and other advanced features.

In addition, Buckeye has already implemented Arris's ConvergeMedia video-on-demand platform, replacing servers from SeaChange International, and Arris's ServAssure network-monitoring solution to manage DOCSIS devices across its network.

The Toledo-based operator has about 146,000 video subscribers in Northwest Ohio and parts of Southeast Michigan. The operator expects to soft-launch the Arris Moxi gateways within the next 30 days, Buckeye chief technology officer Joe Jensen said.

"We've got a pent-up list of customers who want to get on board," he said.

Buckeye will use the Arris Moxi Gateway and Moxi Player client set-tops to provide multiroom DVR features with the ability to record up to six shows simultaneously or watch TV on up to six televisions. The gateway also features DOCSIS 3.0 support, Wi-Fi networking, caller ID on TV, interactive games and support for DLNA devices.

While the six-tuner Moxi Gateway is pricier than a standard DVR set-top, it's actually a less expensive solution for subscribers with multiple set-tops, said Stan Brovont, Arris senior vice president of marketing and business development.

"If it's a two set-top-box house, you're better off with the gateway," he said.

Arris has six operators deploying its Moxi gateway solution, including Shaw Communications, BendBroadband and WideOpenWest. (The two unidentified operators are "in the tier 2 range," Brovont said.) Arris has said it expects the Whole Home Gateway product line to generate sales of at least $100 million in 2012.

Buckeye had previously rolled out the switched digital video system from BigBand Networks (now part of Arris), and the gateway has been integrated with the SDV. The operator also has used Arris's Touchstone cable modems and C4 cable modem termination system.

"We earn repeat customers by the way we treat customers after the sale," Brovont said.

Buckeye, founded in 1965, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Block Communications.