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AT&T Launches 5G in 28 More Cities

AT&T said Monday that it has added 5G coverage in 28 more U.S. cities, bringing its total 5G coverage to 355 cities.

The new coverage includes Dallas, Austin, Miami and Salt Lake City. AT&T’s morning announcement lists the rest of the markets, which also includes parts of Puerto Rico.

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AT&T said it will also include dynamic spectrum sharing technology in some of these markets. DSS helps operators roll out 5G services more quickly, enabling them to share spectrum resources between 4G LTE and 5G based on network demand.

“DSS is an important steppingstone on our path to nationwide 5G,” said Igal Elbaz, senior VP of wireless and access technology for AT&T, in a statement. “We were the first U.S. carrier to deploy this technology in our network, and it’s now playing an important role as we work toward a nationwide 5G footprint this summer.”