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Abernathy Steps Down as Frontier EVP

According to Frontier Communications' latest SEC filing, EVP for external affairs Kathleen Abernathy stepped down from that post Nov. 18.

Abernathy, a former Republican FCC commissioner, is planning to retire in April 2017, but will remain a senior advisor to Frontier until then.

It was listed in the SEC document because given that change in status, she is no longer considered an executive officer.

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Assuming Abernathy's duties will be Mark Nielsen, Frontier EVP and general counsel.

Abernathy will continue to oversee the company's America’s Best Communities Prize Campaign until her April exit.

Abernathy helped lead Frontier's pushback on the FCC's proposed business data services reforms, one of the "controversial" items pulled from the FCC's public meeting agenda by chairman Tom Wheeler after Republicans cautioned against such decisions in the transition to Republican leadership.

Abernathy was on the FCC under then-chairman Michael Powell, now head of NCTA: The Internet & Television Association, and after leaving the FCC was on the short list to head the National Association of Broadcasters, a job that ultimately went to Sen. Gordon Smith.