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ABC Tops With Affluent Viewers

ABC reaches the most viewers per week in well-off homes, according to new research from the 35th annual Ipsos Mendelsohn Affluent Survey.

Reaching consumers with money is important to advertisers and the new survey found that affluent viewers see more advertising on TV than in other media and more of them are receptive to commercials than to other forms of advertising .

Affluent households -- defined by Ipsos Mendelsohn as those with annual incomes of more than $100,000 -- represent just 21% of all U.S. households, yet receive 60% of U.S. household income and hold 70% of U.S. net worth. They are twice as likely to purchase in more than 150 product categories measured in the survey, and spend 3.2 more in those categories.

The survey found that 98% of viewers in affluent households watched TV in the past week, 94% have cable or satellite and 69% have a DVR.

Affluent ABC households have a median income of $141,700. NBC has the second most viewers in affluent households, and those households have a median income of $141,400. Spanish language broadcast networks reach fewer viewers in affluent households, but the households they do reach have high median incomes: $144,300 for Telemundo and $142,700 for Univision.

On cable, CNN reaches the most viewers in affluent households. The highest household incomes on cable belong to affluent viewers on Tennis Channel  at $153,800 and Ovation at $149,600 followed by Bloomberg TV at $147,400 and Golf Channel, where the median income is $147,100.

The most popular program genres among affluent viewers were local news, feature films, action / adventure, comedy and national news.