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The Watchman: ‘Super’ Tuesday on The CW; ‘Punky’ Back on Peacock

Superman & Lois
‘Superman & Lois’ (Image credit: The CW)

Superman & Lois debuts on The CW Tuesday (Feb. 23). It starts with the 90-minute series premiere, with Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, then it’s special Superman & Lois: Legacy of Hope.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane face down their most imposing foes ever — their sons. 

Hoechlin gets a kick out of playing both Superman and Clark. He said there’s more “leeway” with Clark. “You can find those little subtleties, those things that are a little bit more human about him,” he said at a press event. “And it's a little bit more flexibility to kind of have some fun with it, because in a way he's putting on a show when he's Clark.”

Tulloch is pumped not only to play Lois, but to portray a journalist in 2021. “She has really represented someone who's incredibly dogged and determined and uncompromising,” said Tulloch. “And at a time right now when the profession of journalism has been under siege, as we have seen it for the last few years, it's especially important and timely and I take it very seriously.”

Superman & Lois is written and executive produced by Todd Helbing and executive-produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Geoff Johns. Helbing cited Everwood and Friday Night Lights as influences, along with feature films. “We approached this as much as we could like a feature, from the aspect ratio, to the cinematography, to the look, everything,” he said. “We're competing with these shows on streamers and cable networks, and we want to offer the audience something of equal quality.”

Punky Brewster

Punky Brewster (Image credit: Peacock)

Punky Brewster, a redo of the ’80s sitcom about a young girl raised by a foster father, premieres on Peacock on Thursday (Feb. 25). Soleil Moon Frye reprises her Punky role. 

The new one sees grown-up Punky meet a girl named Izzy who’s in the foster system, who reminds Punky of a kid she used to know. “When she sees Izzy, she can’t resist bringing her into her family,” said Jim Armogida, executive producer, who added that Izzy is Punky “for the next generation.”

Cherie Johnson plays Punky’s pal Cherie and Freddie Prinze Jr. plays her ex-husband, Travis. Jim and Steve Armogida executive produce alongside Frye, Jimmy Fox and original creator David Duclon. 

The Armogidas mentioned how Frye still hears from fans who share how Punky Brewster helped them deal with tough stuff. They mentioned Frye saying that, if people still call her Punky when she’s 80, she’ll be thrilled. Jim called her “a real cheerleader” for the reboot. 

What makes the new Punky right for 2021? The way it addresses serious situations with warm humor, said the Armogidas. 

“I think America could use a bit of comedy with heart,” Steve Armogida said.