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Who Will Miss Madden Most?

For many Gridiron gamers, this year’s NFL season just won’t be the same without larger-than-life John Madden in the broadcast booth and dazzling football fans with his prophetic Maddenisms…but one man in particular might miss him more than most.

Frank Caliendo is known for his impressions, but spoofs of Charles Barkley, Robert De Niro, and even George W. Bush take a back seat to Frank’s take on John Madden-played as an outsized, verbose, chuckling goofball-which was pitch perfect. Caliendo, whose TBS show Frank TV was canceled this year, shared his thoughts on Madden’s departure on his Facebook page. “Contrary to some speculation, I am not retiring…just taking a break to work on my Chris [sic] Collinsworth impression,” he wrote.

Cris Collinsworth impression? Just another reason to lament Madden’s departure. Collinsworth is a strong analyst (not to mention a prolific wide receiver in his hay day with the Bengals) but he can’t be imitated like the big man. Nobody can.