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What Happens To Studio 60 Now?

We had mixed feelings when NBC announced that it is only going to air one more episode of the Stuido 60 on the Sunset Strip before premiering The Black Donnellys. For some reason we've actually been watching the show. Watching S60 is like watching the cable news networks cover the death of Anna Nicole Smith - you just can't look away.

So our first thought was "whew, about time somebody put poor Aaaron Sorkin out of his misery." But our second thought was "jeez, wonder where NBC is going to stuff the final episodes?"

When CBS canceled Smith at the beginning of this season unaired episodes were given a last chance on CBS' InnerTube website and when ABC canceled Daybreak earlier this year it put the excess episodes on its website. But NBC has not been so kind to its vieweres. It has chosen not to put the final episodes of its canceled shows, like Kidnapped, online.

Assuming S60 is finally dead, we hope NBC does those of us who've actually suffered through thte show a solid and puts the last episodes online. Otherwise how will we get to thrill to the sight of NBS executives firing every last member of the cast and crew of Studio 60 in that special final episode?

We certainly aren't going to watch it on the inevitable DVD. We don't care that much.