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‘Weeds’: Nancy the Narc?

[Spoiler Alert!]

Much has been made about the pot presence on Showtime’s big-buzz hit Weeds, which premiered last week. But why doesn’t Nancy Botwin, the marijuana entrepreneur played by Mary Louise-Parker, actually smoke?

Thinking back on the first season, she never toked–despite her little herb-selling business that mushroomed into a munchie bakery. Now she wants to grow the stuff, with Conrad’s help.

The second episode (“Cooking with Jesus”) of season two begs the question. Along with her brother Andy and accountant Doug, she attends an event named the Mohasky Cup. It’s Weeds’ spin on the High Times Cannabis Cup, a bud-judging convention that takes place annually in Amsterdam.

NORML, High Times, and general pot-leaf banners and posters, plus faux cannabis plants, are everywhere. Andy inhales a vaporizer bag and Doug puffs a pipe. Others smoke joints and bongs. But Nancy, her eyes wide open and not at all red, abstains. Why? Because she’s a mother of two? What’s her deal anyway?

In the previous episode, Nancy discovered her boyfriend’s a DEA agent. She drops him in this episode, fearful that he’ll sniff her out. But he shows up at the end anyway, pleading for another chance. He lets her know he’s onto her business. Then she throws up.

So let’s see. Nancy doesn’t smoke pot and has been dating a narc. Might she cross over to the other side and snitch out her friends if ever busted? With no THC in her system, she’d pass a drug test. Could Nancy become a narc too?

It’s unlikely. But stranger pot–I mean plot–twists have happened.

By Guest Blogger Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom is editor-at-large at High Times Magazine.