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Watching the Inauguration Through Bullet-Proof Glass

That extra large bullet-proof glass shield that encased President Obama as he gave his inaugural address apparently will become a new permanent part of the political scene. So reported Fox News Channel, which says whereever Obama speaks that shield will be there with him.That’s what the Secret Service ordered, though Fox’s Brit Hume wisely pointed out, “The Secret Service can be overruled.” Fox said the Secret Service’s original shield for the inaugural would have put Obama virtually in a bubble, protecting him a full 360 degrees from some nut job.

Fox News also confirmed something I was wondering about. It reports Obama was wearing a “bullet-resistant” underlayer–a Kevlar protector that obviously isn’t the kind big city cops wear but would be of some usefulness, just in case.

God, we’ve come a long way in electing the first African-American president, but news like this reminds me that regardless of race, there are so many crazies out there.