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Okay, more Yiddish.

The new word of the day is "kvetch."  The definition is what my wife does to me constantly, or the favored pasttime of television writers.

The room is too hot.  The room is too cold.  That other writer cut me off so I couldn't get my fourth follow-up question in.  The Gilmore Girls session should have been first, and it should have been 4 hours long.

But the grand-daddy of them all came this afternoon when the hotel's wireless Internet went on the fritz, causing bloggers everywhere to run around looking for some media device on which to comment and make snarky remarks.  Word from a CW exec was the hotel was "desperately" trying to fix the problem.

I assume they meant the wireless, not the penchant of the room to whine like Everwood had been cancelled all over again.

–Ben Grossman