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Tweeting Truman?

The White House will again be offering an "enhanced" version of the State of the Union address (SOTU) Tuesday (Jan. 28) online (, including stats and graphs at appropriate emphasis points throughout.

To check out last year's speech to see what we mean, go here.

Followers of Stephen Colbert can be forgiven for thinking immediately of "Word of the Day" when the graphics come up as the President is speaking.

There may be some White House staffer fans of the Colbert show or at least the Comedy Central comic ethos. On Sunday (Jan. 26), the White House  posted a YouTube video illlustrating what other State of the Union speeches might have looked like with enhanced online graphics.

The video is in the style of an old Newsreel, with enhanced versions of SOTU's by Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman, John Kennedy, and Bill Clinton, to the jangly soundtrack of The Charleston. The Clinton clip featured the President talking about creating the information superhighway.

The White House was encouraging Web surfers to Tweet and Facebook (is that a verb yet?) the video.