TiVo Tries a New Look

Is TiVo getting ready to shed its iconic logo – the smiling TV set equipped with feet, a set of antennas, and bright letters scrawled across its face?

It’s possible, based on some evidence that has begun to creep into the market. One example hiding out in the open is this Web page about the 2015 Cable Hall of Fame Celebration, set to take place at the Internet & Television Expo (formerly The Cable Show) this May in Chicago. TiVo is listed in the sponsorship section, but instead of the logo we all know, TiVo is represented by a new version (see image) with a different font and the TiVo “I” dotted in blue. Gone is the shape of the TV-shaped character, though the smile remains.

So, what’s going on here? A complete rebranding?

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