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TCA: $#*! Shatner Says

William Shatner, star of new CBS comedy $#*!My Dad Says joined Executive Producers Max Mutchnick and David Cohen and Co-Executive Producer Justin Halpern for the final CBS panel on Wednesday at the 2010 TCA Press Tour.

Here’s what The Shat had to say about Twitter, sitcoms, and what his own dad didn’t say:

On being Twitter-saavy

“I know it’s 148 characters…I don’t Twitter. I can’t even remember my password name. So I have problems with electronics.”

On proper Twitter conjugation:

“I know it isn’t ‘twaught.’”

On channeling his own dad for the role

“My dad was somewhat taciturn. The name Shatner is Austrian and partly Germanic, and there’s Germanic reticence and silence perhaps, but there is passion underneath. And my dad had all that, and maybe I’m channeling my father…Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

On the inconvenience of censorship

“Do you know what I wish? I wish they would call it “sh-t” (clapping)…The word ”sh-t” is around us. It isn’t a terrible term. It’s a natural function. Why are we pussyfooting?”

On acting on his first multi-camera sitcom

“Unbelievable. You cannot begin to imagine the shock I had when I came down on that floor for the first time…I was part minstrel, part actor.”

On succumbing to the power of social media

“It is a different era that has come upon us in the last five years, and I, for one, have ignored it until recently and then try to find some young people to explain it to me. You guys, everybody over the age of 25, your jobs are threatened by this electronic age, and you can’t fight it. You have to join it.”