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TCA Offers Those "Oy Vey" Moments

While sitting through panel after panel for parts of three weeks during the cable and broadcast portions of TCA, after awhile all panels begin to sound alike.

That is why you are thankful for what I call those “Oy vey moments,” when a television critic breaks the monotony with a question so – um, interesting - that it makes you almost sprain an eyeball from rolling it so hard.

Luckily on Monday morning, we had a few OVM’s in the first session, the executive panel with CW chief Dawn Ostroff.

A few of them came from questions about the green color scheme the network has chosen to employ – from the hue of the set on the stage to the color of the jackets of the decidedly pretty pages working the floor.

One writer who must work in NASCAR country asked if the network already is using two letters that many viewers in his region already associate with “country music,” why they would use a “John Deere green” color scheme.

Another writer wanted to bring the funny – always a potential OVM – when he asked the following about the returning One Tree Hill: “How does that fit into your strategy of picking the best shows from both networks?”

And maybe the best was one writer asking about the cancelled Everwood, clearly with the intention of bringing up the fact he knew about a fan protest in which addicts are renting a ferris wheel and putting it by the network offices for one last show of support. Apparently the last scene of that show was set in or around said amusement park ride.

All together now: Oy vey.

– By Ben Grossman