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TCA: Madden Talks Frank Caliendo, Dancing W/The Stars

Beverly Hills- The Sunday Night Football panel here at TCA was one of the more lively ones, especially with the back and forth between Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick, who are reuniting after more than a decade on separate media outlets.

However, the panel ended with the audience and panel cracking up not at Keith and Dan, but the legend himself, John Madden.

Madden was asked whether he had heard comedian Frank Caliendo’s impersonation of him, and what he thought of it.

“Everyone has to make a living man,” Madden said, to some laughter from the crowd, before adding that rumors that he had taken issue with the impression were not true.

But the real fireworks came during the last question, when host Cris Collinsworth was asked if he would ever appear on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

Dancing With the Stars, for those not in the know, has become quite the place for retired football players to go if they actually want to have a good shot at winning something. Emmit Smith, Jerry Rice and Jason Taylor have all appeared on the show, and all did well, with Smith winning the competition.

“No matter how many dance lessons I take. I will never look like, nor dance like, Jason Taylor.,” Collinsworth said. “[fellow analyst and former NY Giant] Tiki [Barber] is our guy. All of America should push for Tiki to be on Dancing With the Stars.”

John Madden finally spoke up, adding that Warren Sapp would be appearing in the next installment of the series.

“I’m going with the Giants [to win the Super Bowl], and Warren Sapp on Dancing With the Stars,” Madden said, in a dead serious tone.

“I’m predicting he’ll win it, and I will take all comers,” he added,  crossing his arms, with his voice increasing in intensity.

The entire panel, and much of the room, was crying with laughter.