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TCA: Ken Jeong ‘Would Love’ to Do ‘Community’ Movie

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Beverly Hills, Calif. — If Community does get the movie treatment, one star of the NBC-turned-Yahoo comedy is already on board.

“I would love to do a movie,” said Ken Jeong Tuesday during a TCA summer press tour panel panel for ABC’s Dr. Ken. “That show made me the actor that I am today.”

Earlier Tuesday it was reported that Community will not be renewed by Yahoo for a seventh season.

Jeong has plenty to keep him busy, though, with the Oct. 2 premiere of his multicam sitcom Dr. Ken.

“I think of this more as an ensemble show,” he said of the series, which features him playing a doctor.

The comedian is a real-life doctor who got his break in the Judd Apatow movie Knocked Up before landing roles in the Hangover franchise and Community.

“The last six years of my life have been this amazing bonus,” he said, describing Dr. Ken as his passion project. “I am ready for that bonus.”

“I’m going to do everything in my power to make this [show] succeed,” he added.