TCA: Jersey Shore -- 'A Reality Family Comedy With Heart'

Snooki is still “Snookin’” and The Situation is still “GTL’ing.”

That was the overall message when the cast of Jersey Shore got on stage during the MTV portion of the TCA press tour Friday. Tony DiSanto, President of Programming and Development for MTV, opened the presentation by announcing that Snooki’s friend Deena Nicole had joined the cast filming the next season in Seaside Heights, N.J.

Just as tan and boisterous as the rest of the cast, Deena Nicole entered the room and explained how well she fit in the with the gang and how filming isn’t much different than what she normally does.  “The Jersey shore is my life. This is what I do always.”

And although Snooki wasn’t sporting her famous “poof” hairdo, she was able to temporarily recreate the look for the eager audience.

Here are some highlights from the panel for the show DiSanto called “a reality comedy with heart.”

On what “snookin’” means

Snooki: “‘Snookin” is when you’re looking. So, If I am ’snookin” for love I am lookin’. If I ’snook’ the night, I took the night…My dictionary is coming out soon.”

On the experience changing since being in the public eye

The Situation: “It hasn’t changed at all. We interact the same way. We go out. We have fun. I cook every Sunday — sausage and peppers.

Pauly D: “They did an unbelievable job of blocking that nonsense out. We’re still able to do our same thing. Hit the clubs. Do it as we do.”

Snooki on her recent run-in with the law

Snooki: “Obvioulsy it wan’t a good time. I didn’t hurt anybody. I just went out to have good time on the beach. Stuff like that happens in Jersey. I was in the drunk tank. I had a few too many tequilas.”

On the criticism for the show’s portrayal of Italian Americans

Sammi: “It’s all about lifestyle.”

JWoww: “We’re not trying to not trying to portray Italian Americans. [We’re portraying] ourselves.”

The Situation: “I happen to have spiky hair, a six-pack and green eyes. It’s working out for me.”

Snooki on how long she can do “The Jersey Shore”

Snooki: “I can do this forever.”

Snooki on getting any marriage proposals

Snooki: “Yeah, but I said no because none of them were ‘guidos’.”

On the message the cast has for the rest of the world

The cast all echoed “Be yourself.”