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TCA: Jamba Juice Bought The Peach Pit

Beverly Hills- OK, not really 90210 fans. When the show returns in its latest incarnation on the CW, The Peach Pit will still be The Peach Pit.

To promote the new version of 90210, The CW set up its own Peach Pit in a ballroom at the Beverly Hilton, serving breakfast to hungry critics and reporters.

Granted, this Peach Pit looked like every other breakfast that had been served for the last week, with the exception of a table in the middle with a Peach Pit sign and, are you ready for this? Jamba Juice smoothies.

While we are in Beverly Hills, The Peach Pit is of course a work of fiction. So, without the real deal, CW publicity went for the next best thing.

I was assured however than when the new 90210 premieres, Nat will not be pouring any “mango a go gos” or "orange a peels," just his own recipes.