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TCA-Fairchild Proud To Be an MNT B**ch

She’s a bitch, and proud of it.

“Oh honey, I’ve been a bitch so long I couldn’t do it any other way,” actress Morgan Fairchild is telling television critics. She plays one in MyNetworkTV’s upcoming telenovela, Fashion House.

The guy who asked Fairchild about how she likes being stereotyped tells her his newspaper can’t use the word “bitch.” He wonders aloud if she would be okay if he substituted it with “she-devil.” Whatever, buddy.

And what’s better than having two-bit, eh, she-devils get into cat fights?  “I’m sure they’ll put us in the mud,” Fairchild says, referring to the battles between her and rival Bo Derek’s character. “There is a big audience for that.”

You’d think calling an actress a bitch would be enough low blows for one day–but not with this group. Another critic asks Fairchild how she feels about Derek being referred to in the press release as a “renowned sex symbol” and her only as, well, Morgan Fairchild. This is a tough room.

He refuses to accept the actress’ explanation that the release was really referring to both of them as “sex symbols,” so Fairchild relents, saying she just feels “lucky that I’m still standing.”

Not sure if she’s referring to her career or showing up at this press conference.

By Jim Benson