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TCA-Caution: Actress Is Flammable

As excited as I was for Salma Hayek, I am equally jazzed for the upcoming appearance of Anne Heche. As we all know, while Salma Hayek drives me crazy, Heche has the tendency to pull a crazy. We already had Shannen Doherty crying and whining about her treatment by the media, so a Heche meltdown is probably too much to ask for I suppose.

Other highlights from Day Two of ABC’s Press Tour show:

Sofia Vergara of The Knights of Prosperity can bring the yuks as well as looks. Loved her answer when asked why she started her own clothing line: “Money.”

Speaking of the show, the creators have no idea what it’s going to be called by the time it launches, so stop asking. You may have previously known it as Let’s Rob…  It’s pretty apparent neither the creators nor the network like the title, so if you ever wanted to name a sitcom, now is your chance.

Then again, the room seems to laugh at everything Vergara says. Gimme a break, worshipping some Hispanic actress just for her looks. Pathetic.

Want to really piss off a room of grumpy TV critics? Do as one woman did and ask an entire panel of actors to give a “readers digest version” of their characters. Loved the cohesive groan of the entire room…it was like back in school when the teacher announced a pop quiz. Translation:Watch the pilot, lady.

By Ben Grossman