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TCA: Bruce Campbell Says ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Exists Because of Fans

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Beverly Hills, Calif. — Bruce Campbell, star of Starz’ Ash Vs Evil Dead, said the series is all because of the fans of the Evil Dead movies.

“No matter what we say to them or what we give them it will never be enough,” said Campbell Friday during the show’s TCA summer press tour panel.

Raimi echoed Campbell’s statements saying that even after doing other movies, such as Spiderman, fans would always come up to him and ask about Evil Dead.

“Why am I running from what the fans want to do?” said Raimi.

The last movie in the franchise, Army of Darkness, came out in 1992. But working on the series more than 20 years later is liberating, said Raimi.

“It was like coming home,” he said.

Campbell added: “It’s just nice to get back in the trenches again with the people you started in the industry with.”

Other highlights from the panel included:

—Fans also could get another Evil Dead movie, according to Raimi. "I'd love to direct if Bruce is starring in it and Rob was producing.”

—There will be lots of blood. “I’ve been gagged once and I went blind,” said Campbell.

Ash Vs Evil Dead star Lucy Lawless addressed rumors that her series Xena: Warrior Princess would be rebooted. “I do not know.”

—Campbell was also asked about doing a remake of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. He said don’t count anything out, “Old TV shows used to age like fish. Not anymore.”