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Survivor Finale: Who Voted for Whom?

After watching all the strategizing and machinations from the last season of CBS’ Survivor: Cook Islands, my wife and I would liked to have seen—or at least been told—who voted for whom during the live hour-long finale, when Yul Kwon narrowly took home the $1 million prize over runner-up Ozzy Lusth.

I’m told that other than during season one, the breakdown of votes has not been shown during the finale, though on previous occasions it was easier to guess based on those alliances.

CBS was scheduled to put the results on its Website by the end of the day Tuesday, a full two days after the final telecast. And while that’s probably a good method for driving traffic to, you’d think that there would be a much quicker way to tally a lousy nine votes. This isn’t Florida, after all.

By Jim Benson