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Steve Harvey: YouTube darling

We ran a story today noting that Debmar-Mercury’s Family Feud has moved up in the ratings now that veteran comic Steve Harvey is hosting the show. Harvey has created some legit buzz for the veteran game, and a few clips from the show already have gone viral. Here are two that demonstrate Harvey bringing the funny back to Feud.

In the first one, which has gotten more than a quarter million hits on YouTube, former WTVT Tampa news anchor Secily Wilson calmly responds “your penis” to the question: “We asked 100 men to name a part of a your body that is bigger than it was than when you were 16.”

Harvey, ever the pro, milks his response for all it’s worth:


This second clip was picked up by CNN today, and just started making the rounds last Wednesday, Nov. 10. Nearly a half-million people thus far have watched this clip on YouTube:

Harvey’s question: “Something you would not want to see when breaking into a house.”

Answer: “Naked Grandma!”

Probably the funniest part of the clip is that the guy’s opponent just shrugs and agrees: “I don’t want to see that either.”