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Stephanopoulus' Picks for Veep

ABC News Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos had some interesting insights into the election at the TVB Marketing conference in New York today. As the event’s keynote speaker, Stephanopoulos offered some picks for potential vice president candidates. If Obama were to win the nomination,  Stephanopoulos  mentioned Bill Richardson, Ohio governor Ted Strickland and Tom Daschle, with New York mayor Michael Bloomberg as a very dark horse. 

Over on the Republican side, Stephanopoulos mentioned Mitt Romney, SC governor Mark Sanford and Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. George threw out some longshots too–Condi Rice and Jeb Bush, though they’re a little too closely aligned with the current administration, he reckoned, along with corporate bosses Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina. 

For an even longer shot, Stephanopoulus suggested Sen. McCain might really send a message about the war by naming David Petraeus as his veep.