Starting Tomorrow: The PROMAX/BDA Blog

Can’t make the PROMAX/BDA conference in New York this year? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Let me be your eyes and ears to this year’s conference. From the sessions to the speakers, from the parties to the exhibit halls, I’ll be writing about it several times a day for Broadcasting & Cable’s Website starting Tuesday, June 12th. 

We’ll talk dirty with irreverent filmmaker John Waters in his session titled, “This Filthy World”. You know it’ll be good because PROMAX/BDA warns it’s for Adults Only. And possible First Husband, Bill Clinton, gives his keynote address Wednesday morning. Wonder if there’ll be a surprise visitor? Will outspoken host Donny Deutsch, (“The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch”), expose any new marketing ideas in his session on Wednesday?

And what’s the next generation of news branding look like? Graeme Newell’s got some examples. For a complete list of events and schedule, via the PROMAX Website.

This year’s conference, PROMAX’s 52nd, expects more than 3000 people, mostly Americans, but an increasing number of international attendees are expected as well. Find out what they’re looking for at the conference?

Whether you’ve never been or are a regular conference attendee every year, whether you’re a writer/producer or graphic artist, whether you’re a station GM or a network vice-president, I promise you full access and interesting perspective to everything at this year’s conference.

And I should know.   

I’ve been going since 1986 when BPME (the former name of PROMAX which stood for Broadcast Marketing Executives Association) was in Atlanta, and Siskel and Ebert gave a thumbs up to one of my promos. Since then, I’ve been to many conferences–New Orleans, LA, San Fran, Baltimore, Toronto, and Chicago, back when the conference would rotate to different cities every year. New York has been the site for the past 3 years, and looks like it will remain the permanent site.  

From the Opening Night Party at the Hilton, (remember the opening party several years ago—cross-dressing transsexuals gave every attendee a little spanking upon entering!) to the final awards show and closing night celebration, ride shotgun with me as I spend a lot of late nights and early mornings roaming the conference in search of inspiration, imagination, great work, and ideas.

Want to chime in with your thoughts and comments? Send me an e-mail anytime at or call me on my cell at 817-528-2354.