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Sorry, Charles

ABC has been promoting the "been there, done that" gravitas of Charles Gibson of late, particularly in a radio ad with a voiceover of stentorian seriousness, which got me to thinking (something has to).

I like him better as a Charlie. It was Bob, not Robert Schieffer, over at CBS, as it had been Bob for years. It was Tom Brokaw, too.

Charlie is a solid name no lacking in seriousness. And Gibson looks like a "Charlie" to me.

Now, I agree that Wally would have never worked for Cronkite. Wally sounds like like your best friend in the porkpie hat behind the wheel of a jalopy, or the guy who runs the pet store over in Criglersville.

It was Ed Murrow before the light came on, but we needed an "Edward" plus an "R." to take on Joe McCarthy. Yes, I know there is Charlie McCarthy, and the tuna, from whence cometh the title of the piece, but I still say he can pull of serious and Charlie.

Anyway, I think it is a comfortable name, rather than overly familiar or less-than-serious, and I think comfortable helps in news anchors. Besides, whatever you call him, Gibson is a top-flight journalist.

Sorry, Charlie.

By John Eggerton